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Editor for TAP3, RAP and NRTRDE !

Roaming world is changing. Roaming files too.

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The TAP3 Editor is a very good tool to make the TAP exchange and TAP testing process much more flexible and simple. Apart of its rich functionality the Editor features a very user friendly interface. Beeline, Russia


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Unique ASN.1 raw mode to work with a corrupted file on a binary level or even create custom TAP3 formats.   

Think about it as a swiss knife for Roaming Managers. Well-crafted UI combines all the needed functions. 

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Combil TAP3 Editor

The tool [TAP3 Editor] is very efficiently constructed, quite exceptional nowadays. Furthermore, the price point is ideal. EuroTel Bratislava

Conversion between RAP versions

Works with all TAP 3 releases (3.1 to 3.12), NRTRDE 2.1 and RAP 1.5 accordingly to TD.57, TD.35, TD.32 and other GSMA specifications.

ALL versions of TAP3, RAP and NRTRDE


The Tool for Roaming professionals


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Whatever you need to do with your incorrect (or correct) records in a TAP3/RAP/NRTRDE file you can do no matter how big a file. Analyse, edit, insert, validate, search and filter, copy'n'paste CDRs — your choice! 

Batch conversion apps

More than 30 operators worldwide use it 


From T-Mobile and Vodafone in Europe to CamGSM in Asia and Safaricom in Africa. From the smallest and exotic — how about Kall Telecom in beautiful Faroe islands, to huge international operators like Beeline — they all use Combil TAP3 Editor for many years.  

TAP3/RAP/NRTRDE conversion to CSV


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